Author : Wilson John

Books and MonographsPublished on May 11, 2004
ballistic missiles,Defense,Doctrine,North Korea,Nuclear,PLA,SLBM,Submarines

Pakistan’s Nuclear Underworld: An Investigation

The book documents the shadowy network of arms dealers, influential fixers, front companies, rogue financial institutions and perfectly legitimate businessmen trading in nuclear technology and materials in blatant disregard of international non-proliferation mechanisms and stringent dual-use technology controls.

In the wake of disclosures relating to Pakistani nuclear scientist AQ Khan¿s involvement in the illicit nuclear trade, the book focuses on Pakistan, a country closely linked to the global nuclear underworld. Documenting for the first time the role played by the Pakistan Army in the illegal nuclear trade, it warns the global community of the possible threat of terrorist groups like al Qaida exploiting smuggling networks to procure nuclear materials.

The investigation clearly establishes the conspicuous failure of non-proliferation regimes, the ambivalent policies of western nations, and the existence of nuclear smuggling networks.

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