Books and MonographsPublished on Sep 27, 2006
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MUMBAI VISION 2015: Agenda For Urban Renewal

Mumbai is a city of stark contrasts. On the one hand, the city pays Rs. 58,000 crore as income tax and on the other hand, it is the city with an estimated 60 per cent of its population languishing in slums and in conditions described by the United Nations as “inhuman”. It is also a city that harbours ambitions of rubbing shoulders with the best cities of the world. It is in such a context that Mumbai Vision 2015: Agenda For Urban Renewal has been written.

Mumbai is not Shanghai. For that matter, it need not construct, or reconstruct, itself as a replica of any other city. The city has unique problems. More importantly, it has enough people to find unique solutions to these problems. This volume, comprising 23 articles, examines and suggests ways of finding “interconnected solutions” to the problems plaguing the city. Mumbai Vision 2015: Agenda for Urban Renewal brings together such as set of people who are experts in their respective domains.

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