Originally Published 2017-12-29 14:12:42 Published on Dec 29, 2017
Top 10 commentaries by ORF analysts this year.
Most–read commentaries, 2017

India and the world: Foreign policy in the age of Modi | Manoj Joshi

To secure its periphery, New Delhi must deal with its biggest foreign policy challenge—moderating, if not breaking, the China-Pakistan alliance. Read more ►

CPEC betokens China’s search for lebensraum in Pakistan and PoK | Samir Saran

Not only would CPEC run roughshod over the sacred Panchsheel principle of "mutual respect", it would also destroy any chance of a peaceful settlement of the Kashmir dispute. Read more ►

The BCIM economic corridor: Prospects and challenges | K. Yhome

One of the major policy initiatives among national governments in Asia in recent years is directed towards developing sub-regional, regional and trans-regional corridors with the aim to further connect and integrate their economies. Read more ►

Why the dragon would be a bigger loser in a clash with the elephant | Samir Saran

The standoff at Doklam is less a boundary incident involving India, China and Bhutan, and more a coming together of geopolitical fault lines. Read more ►

Cancellation of Saudi king’s Maldives visit: A message for Yameen? | N. Sathiya Moorthy

With the cancellation of his visit, King Salman becomes the second global leader to have dropped Maldives from a multination visit. Read more ►

India resets the terms of engagement with China | Harsh V. Pant

The Modi government is taking a different tack to its ties with China.

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India and China in Africa: Difference lies in scale | Malancha Chakrabarty

Africa has emerged as a favoured investment destination on account of the high rate of growth experienced by many African countries and discovery of oil. Read more ►

OBOR: For India it’s a road to subjugation | Ashok Malik

The end-goal of OBOR is to establish Chinese mastery over oceans and connectivity routes across Asia and between Asia and Europe.

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China’s debt trap diplomacy | Harsh V. Pant

For India, China's growing presence around its periphery will continue to pose challenges.

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The national security case against Aadhaar | Arun Mohan Sukumar

Linking Aadhaar to nearly everything creates a “map of maps” that is vulnerable at multiple points.

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