Books and MonographsPublished on Jan 09, 2008
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Maritime Counter-Terrorism: An Pan-Asian Perspective

Even before the 9/11 terrorist strikes in the USA, intelligence and counter-terrorism agencies of the world had been concerned over the likelihood of acts of maritime terrorism directed at international trade, particularly energy supplies. Instances of sea-piracy in the Malacca Straits and Arabian Sea in the recent past have added to the international community’s concern over maritime security and have posed a new challenge to security agencies across the world. This concern, and the quest for new and effective approaches to intelligence gathering and security on the seas, has led to a lot of debate and research in this area.

Maritime Counter-Terrorism: A Pan Asia Perspective is the first book on this theme to be published from India. The volume is an edited compilation of papers presented at a two-day workshop on Maritime Counter-Terrorism organised by the Observer Research Foundation, New Delhi, and has contributions from leading experts of Asia Pacific, South Asia and Southeast Asia.

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