Author : Prem shankar jha

Books and MonographsPublished on Jun 08, 2009
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Managed Chaos: The Fragility of the Chinese Miracle

Managed Chaos: The Fragility of the Chinese Miracle reads into the Chinese politics and economy and the disparate status and position of the two domains. On one hand, its economy has sustained a near 10 per cent growth rate for 30 years, while, on the other, trapped in an incomplete transition from a totalitarian to a democratic market economy, politically, the country is still considered a fragile state. This book helps the reader resolve this incongruity through its inference that this disparity is rooted in Chinese politics.

Table of Contents

  1. Mixed Feelings
  2. Conflicting Views on China’s Development
  3. Double Digit Growth?
  4. `Friction-free’ Growth?
  5. `Cadre’ Capitalism
  6. Why Purely Economic Remedies Have Not Worked
  7. An Ancient Struggle in a New Guise
  8. Recession and the Birth of Class Conflict
  9. The Emergence of the Predatory State
  10. Retaining the Mandate of Heaven
  11. The Challenge Ahead
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