India-Africa Partnership For Food Security: Issues, Initiatives and Policy Directions

India has made significant strides in agricultural production since the days of green revolution and has valuable lessons to share with its development partners, including countries in the African continent. This paper argues that there is a strong rationale for India-Africa collaboration on food security, given their common challenges of hunger, undernutrition, and low
productivity. The paper finds that India plays an important role in augmenting Africa's food output by providing low-cost technology solutions, building capacity, and providing improved seeds and agricultural machinery. Contrary to conventional wisdom, this paper finds, India's interest in African agriculture is not driven by its domestic food security concerns but is in line with India's commitment to South-South cooperation. Moreover, Africa is a huge market for India's growing food and
agriculture sector. This paper others specific recommendations to African countries as they look to India for lessons in food security, among them, to avoid the harmful effects of green revolution, adopt effective food distribution systems to achieve food security, and nurture climate-smart agricultural practices.


Malancha Chakrabarty

Vidisha Mishra