Author : A.M swaminathan

Books and MonographsPublished on May 06, 2009
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Food Security Policy Options for Tamil Nadu

Throughout the world, distributuion of essential food articles by the State or State-sponsored organisations for the poor at subsidized rates is recognised as an ant-poverty and anti-inflationary measure. India, perhaps, has the largest public distribution system continuously in operation for more than six decades. Within the country, Tamil Nadu is reputed for its “universal” public distribution system covering the state’s entire population. Of late, due to a variety of factors, the system is showing signs of strain and its sustainability in its present form is being questioned in many quarters.

This publication is the result of the study of the issues involved by a seasoned administrator in the light of his personal experience. Backed by a quick field study of the perception of the consumers and free-wheeling discusiions with the representatives of all the stakeholders, this study offers some suggestions for modifications in the programme which is likely to face minimum reistence and maximum concurrence from the general public. What is good for Tamil Nadu is also good for the rest of India–and the study provides a model that can be suitably adopted elsewhere too.

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