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Digital Debates: CyFy Journal 2015

With the increasing integration of the internet in all aspects of global life, old tensions and concerns about national security, sovereignty and global governance, among others, are being examined in a new light. To explore these issues, the third volume of the GP-ORF Series features papers from practitioners of cyber security and internet governance across the world, including those in business, academia, civil society and government. It explores the implications of a changing digital world in four key areas of thought: India and the cyberworld, international cooperation, global internet governance, and privacy and security. The CyFy Journal Digital Debates is an integral part of ‘CyFy: The India Conference on Cyber Security and Internet Governance,’ the annual internet policy conference organised by ORF. CyFy 2014 was held from 15-17 October in New Delhi, India.


Editor’s Note

  • Achieving Digital Proximity and Collective Voice – Samir Saran

India and the Cyberworld

  • Today’s Decisions, Tomorrow’s Terrain: Strategic Directions for India in Shaping the Future of Cyberspace – Erin English and Aaron Kleiner
  • Cyber Security: Build-up of India’s National Force – Gabi Siboni
  • A Case for Leapfrogging the Digital Divide – Ankur Sarin and Kavitha Ranganathan
  • Data Security: Challenges and Opportunities for Indian Industry – Kamlesh Bajaj and Rahul Jain

International Cooperation

  • Espionage, Cyber Warfare and International Law – Fernando Crespo and Renato Flores
  • An Internet of the People, by the People, for the People – Karsten Geier
  • Protecting the Global Internet through MLAT Reform – Jonah Force Hill
  • Network Diplomacy in Digital Networks – Patryk Pawlak

Global Internet Governance

  • Sovereignty will Reshape Internet Governance – James Lewis
  • A Fork in the Road to the Future of Global Internet Governance: Examining the Making and Implications of the NETmundial Initiative – Parminder Jeet Singh
  • Evolving with our Stakeholders: ICANN’s Programme of Inclusion and Development – Yu-Chuang Kuek

Privacy and security

  • Security and Privacy in Mobile Health – Siddharth Verma
  • Security: Privacy, Transparency and Technology – Sunil Abraham, Elonnai Hickok and Tarun Krishnakumar

Looking Ahead

  • The Shifting Digital Pivot: Time for Smart Multilateralism – Samir Saran and Mahima Kaul
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Samir Saran

Samir Saran

Samir Saran is the President of the Observer Research Foundation (ORF), India’s premier think tank, headquartered in New Delhi with affiliates in North America and ...

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