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Deconstructing India’s Position on the Trade in Services Agreement

Since the advent of the World Trade Organization (WTO) over two decades ago, international trade in services has undergone significant transformation, rendering the current regime obsolete. In light of the long-drawn Doha round of WTO negotiations, several countries then floated the idea of a plurilateral agreement to reduce barriers to trade in services: the Trade in Services Agreement (TiSA). The treaty, once finalised by the group of 50 countries, is intended to be anchored to the WTO system and be open for accession to other members. Following China’s request to join the negotiating table, it is expected that other emerging countries will also aim to access the agreement. India, whose services sector has a significant contribution to the country’s GDP, has yet to show interest in joining TiSA. This paper analyses India’s position towards the agreement, taking into account the trade complementarities it enjoys with the major TiSA players.

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