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Counter-Terrorism in South Asia

The ORF-Heritage Foundation Counter-Terrorism Dialogue, that took place in New Delhi on July 20-21, 2010, brought together top Indian experts led by Ambassador M. Rasgotra, President, ORF Centre for International Relations and a distinguished American delegation led by The Heritage Foundation’s Vice President for Foreign and Defence Policy Studies, Dr. Kim Holmes, to exchange ideas for expanding US-India counter-terrorism cooperation.

The main themes of the conference included the differing policy approaches of Washington and New Delhi in grappling with terrorist threats; growing alliances among insurgent groups, criminal networks, and terrorists; lessons learned from the Obama Administration’s Afghanistan-Pakistan policies in its first eighteen months in office; influence of radicalism in the institutional structures and armed forces in the region; and nuclear and non-nuclear threats to India and the US from transnational terrorist groups.




    Keynote Address

    Shiv Shankar Menon


    Brajesh Mishra

1. Prospects for US-India Counter-Terrorism Cooperation: An Historical Perspective
Polly Nayak

2. Counter-Terrorism: The Indian Experience
Vikram Sood

3. Afghanistan-Pakistan: Lessons Learned and Future Directions
Lisa Curtis

4. Radical Influences in Institutional Structures and Armed Forces in the Region:
An Assessment
Wilson John

5. Growing Alliance of Insurgent, Terrorist and Criminal Organisations – A Case
Study of the Pakistan Taliban
Kaustav Dhar Chakrabarti

6. United States Experience with Domestic Terrorism Cases and Counter-
Sheriff Lee Baca, John Stedman and John Sullivan

7. Six Lessons from a Flawed ‘AfPak’ Strategy
Siddharth Varadarajan

8. Security Perspectives on the AfPak Region
Leela K. Ponappa

9. Reversing Pakistan’s Sponsorship of Militancy: A Strategy to Alter the Logic of
Pakistan’s Use of Terrorist Groups as a Tool of Statecraft
Daniel Twining

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