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Asia with Africa: Opportunities and Challenges

The past two decades have witnessed rapid economic transformation in Asia. Asian economies are now looking to Africa to support their economic growth and strategic interests. African states are also turned to Asia for new sources of investment and development partnerships. Bound by a shared history, Asia and Africa now have the opportunity to chart a common future by building mutually beneficial partnerships. This collection of policy-oriented opinion pieces by leading scholars from around the world examines how Asia’s recent and emerging outreach to Africa can contribute to African development and security – how opportunities can be capitalized upon and challenges negotiated. A range of issue areas are explored including trade and investment, energy and natural resources, blue economy and technology, security and peacekeeping, and policy convergence in global governance institutions. The volume provides a forward-looking agenda for action to leverage Asia’s growth story for Africa’s development.


Introduction – Urvashi Aneja

A Closer Asia-Africa Partnership is an Opportunity for All – Ben Shenglin

Africa, China and India: A Promising Trilateral Partnership for Africa’s Industrialization – Mao Keji

Africa-Asia Economic Partnership: Unlocking Mutual Resurgence – Manish Chand

Cheap Energy, Manufacturing and ‘Backing the Winner’: Why African Leaders Should Listen to Asian Economists and Ignore Western Experts – Michael Shellenberger

Building Mutually Beneficial Partnerships for Energy and Natural Resources – Gareth Price

A Blue Ocean Partnership in the African Littorals – Abhijit Singh

Technology and Developement in Africa and India: Need for a New Politics – Vikrom Mathur

Deconstructing India’s Peacekeeping Role in Africa – Kudrat Virk

Policy Convergence in Global Governance – Sanusha Naidu

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