Sagar K. Chourasia
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Sagar K. Chourasia, was an Associate Fellow at the Centre for Economy and Growth at ORF and will be working as a G20 Leaders’ Fellow at the ORF (T20 secretariat) during India’s Presidency at the G20 in 2023.

His research focuses on international relations, global supply chains, international trade, SDGs, emerging and critical technology – and its aspects with relations to bilateral, pluri-lateral, and multilateral engagements. Further, he focuses on providing key strategic insights into transnational corporations operating in the Asia-Pacific region.

  • Thesis (MA-Int. affairs, Geneva,CH) Sustainability of digital technology, Issues of competition, consumer protection & anti-trust laws.
  • Dissertation (BITS, Pilani) - Optimization of Supply/Value Chains
  • Founder, NITISARA [Tech platform to optimize SCM]