Debasish Mallick is the former Deputy Managing Director of EXIM Bank of India and MD &: CEO of IDBI Asset Management Company Ltd (IDBI AMC) a SEBI registered Mutual Fund. A Post Graduate in Economics and a Certified Associate of the Indian Institute of Bankers Mr. Mallick had a distinguished career spanning over 35 years in the fields of Development Banking Investment Banking and Commercial Banking. As the MD of IDBI AMC he also had all round exposure in operations of Equity and Debt Capital markets. He has operational and leadership experience in Project and Corporate Finance Bond issuance in Domestic and International Bond Markets Treasury and Retail Banking. He has been one of the early practitioners/beginners in channelising institutional fund to the critical Infrastructure sector in India including Road and Port projects as also Renewable Energy. As a senior Banker he had played an important role in initiating the Insolvency Code practices in India.An avid reader and a speaker in many discussion forum and platforms he is a keen observer and participant in events and debates particularly in the field of Development Banking. He is an active proponent on the need and complementarity of the role to be played by both Banks and Capital markets to mobilise resources to usher in a new era of growth development and prosperity. He is of the strong opinion that concerted effort is to be made to develop certain vital sectoral infrastructural capabilities which are needed to precede macro development. Notwithstanding the significant role of Export Credit Agencies (ECAs) in pushing developmental assistance he believes there could be scope for ECAs to take a closer look and initiate further steps to spawn productive forces.