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Published on Jul 04, 2020
Editors' Pick: Top Short Forms for Jan-June 2020

#Covid19: Made in China pandemic | Samir Saran

Ever since he assumed the post of General Secretary of the Communist Party of China, Xi Jinping has repeatedly announced the Middle Kingdom’s intention to occupy a position of global influence by the middle of the century. Read more ►

Pakistan’s tryst with COVID19 | Sushant Sareen

When Pakistan’s de facto health minister Zafar Mirza joined the SAARC leaders video conference on the crisis created by the spread of the COVID19 virus with its origin in Wuhan, Pakistan seemed to be sitting pretty. Read more ►

No more shelter | Andrey Bystritskiy

The world’s expert community is practically unanimous in arguing that the world after the coronavirus pandemic will be different. In some way, of course, they are right. Read more ►

Covid19 has sharpened great power politics | Harsh V. Pant

Even as the world grapples with the pandemic unleashed from Wuhan, China is back to the business of great power politics — building military infrastructure, conducting naval exercises and sinking the fishing boats of other nations. Read more ►

The post COVID-19 world | Manish Tewari

Nothing focuses the mind more intensely than the thought of impending death. That is exactly what the world is going through currently. From a borderless world. Read more ►

Cancer patients face new challenges during COVID-19 pandemic | Asit Arora and Mitu Sengupta

Cancer patients are caught between a rock and a hard place in the face of the ongoing global pandemic — COVID-19. On the one hand, cancer patients are at risk of developing severe complications from COVID-19 because of their low immunity. Read more ►

Women’s Day | Can India secure its women the most empowering tool — energy access? | Aparna Roy

India is making great strides towards Sustainable Development Goal 7 of achieving universal energy access by 2030. From pioneering one of the world’s largest clean energy programme aimed at achieving 175GW of clean energy capacity by 2022. Read more ►

Xi Jinping: A matter of state security | Vijay Gokhale

President Xi Jinping has always been a deliberate person. Although he was born Red (the child of first-generation communist leaders in China), unlike other “Princelings” who amassed great fortunes since the 1980s. Read more ►

The Middle Kingdom With a Medieval Mindset | Kanchan Gupta

There is an interesting animated graphic which shows the seeding, birth and expansion of what we know today as the People’s Republic of China. The graphic begins with the Shang dynasty-ruled patch of land along the Yellow River. Read more ►

The Covid19 emergency in India: An investment case for health like never before | Madhavi Misra and Nandita Bhan

Covid-19 has led to an unprecedented global crisis exposing the new nature of health threats and emergencies, linked to food systems, human-wildlife and anthropogenic conflicts and the dynamics of globalisation. Read more ►

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