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Published on Dec 23, 2016
Most read research in 2016

Expert_Speak_Manoj-JoshiAfter the ‘surgical’ strike: Short and long term implications

The short and long term perspective of the Line of Control in the post surgical strike scenario. Read more >

Expert-Speak-Vikram-SoodCountering Pakistan’s jihad against India

From the time of independence, Pakistan's leaders have treated India as a Permanent Enemy. It exhibits its policy through jihadRead more >

Expert-Speak-RajagopalanWhy the new Balochistan strategy is the best option for India

The Balochistan rebellion gives India a leverage, one it has not used so far, at best, to compel or at worst to punish Pakistan for its asymmetric terror strategy. Read more >

Expert-Speak-MalikPakistan’s insidious China card

The Great Game of the 19th century is being renewed, with India and China as successor powers to the old empires of South Asia and Central Asia, and with the geography having shifted southeast. Read more >

Expert-Speak-BamzaiKashmir: No algorithm for Azadi

The road between objectivity and subjectivity is perilous, strewn with imponderables.  Read more >

OP_AbhijnanThe strategist: How Abu Mus’ab al-Suri inspired ISIS

This paper takes a look into the life and work of Abu Mus’ab al-Suri, jihadist theorist, and argues that he should be considered the architect of the extant Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS). Read more >

ExpertSpeak-Sanjeev-AhluwaliaThe revolt of tax collectors

Inflection points in progress are always graphically depicted by glass ceilings getting smashed. Institutional wisdom lies in removing glass ceilings as soon as they develop cracks and well before they are smashed by the force of change. Read more >

Expert-Speak_SajjanharIndia-Central Asia relations: Expanding vistas of partnership

One of the foremost questions around Trump's victory has been in relation to the future of the Iran nuclear deal, one that the President-elect has criticised himself, dubbing it as a "horrible deal". Read more >

Expert-Speak-Max-AbrahmsThe terrorist CEO: How smart leaders manage terrorist groups

Like CEOs in business, terrorist CEOs need to be smart about how to brand their organisation for the widest appeal. Read more >

OP_Raji_ArkaWassenaar Arrangement: The case of India’s membership

An assessment of the prospects of India’s inclusion in the Wassenaar Arrangement — how it would benefit both India and the global nonproliferation architecture. Read more >
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