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Published on Nov 30, 2016
Roundup of the latest developments on China.
In focus — China

< style="color: #0069a6;">0How important is Latin America on China’s foreign policy agenda?

In light of President Xi Jinping's visit to South American nations of Ecuador, Peru, and Chile, it’s important to ask: how important is Latin America to China’s foreign policy agenda. Read more >

< style="color: #0069a6;"> 1The SCO Bank should wake India up to the strategic consequences of Chinese capital

Through the proposed creation of the SCO Bank, China has sought to tie its underwriting of economic development in the Eurasian landmass with its strategic goals for the region. Read more >

< style="color: #0069a6;"> 6Xi Jinping anointed “core” Chinese leader, but his strategy reveals a contradiction

Chinese President Xi Jinping’s penchant for collecting titles is well known. Is his compulsive habit of consolidating control over byzantine organs of the Chinese state in his own hands? Read more >

< style="color: #0069a6;"> 2Europe warms up to China’s ‘One Belt, One Road’ project, raising the stakes for India

OBOR is not a connectivity project, but an arrangement intended to maximise China’s exports, and help Beijing move up the global value chain. Read more >

< style="color: #0069a6;"> 3What Duterte’s comments mean for the South China Sea dispute, and the Indian position

Were China to continue obstructing India’s entry into the NSG, or tighten its strategic embrace of Pakistan, it is likely India will sharpen its tone on the SCS dispute as well. Read more >

< style="color: #0069a6;"> 4India needs to find other ways to deal with China

China will continue to push against India seeing the India-US equation and India’s Act East policy as adverse. Read more >

< style="color: #0069a6;"> 5Paradiplomacy: Can India learn from Macau and China?

Paradiplomacy forms not just a quintessential part of the country’s foreign policy analysis. Read more >

< style="color: #0069a6;"> 7Should China cozying up to Bangladesh worry India?

India is worried about the bonhomie with Bangladesh, largely due to perception that China’s motivation to engage with India’s neighbour is to pursue its policy of encirclement. Read more >
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