ORF roundtables encourage voices from all quarters, geographies and gender to furnish engaged discussion between policymakers and audiences across the globe. Details and brief reports outlining resultant debates and policy recommendations can be found here.

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Upcoming Events

India, EU, European Union, India-EU relations, S. Jaishankar, Augusto Santos Silva, Samir Saran
2021 Jun 23

Past Events

book discussion, Tomorrow the World, US global supremacy, United States, European-style, power politics, new role, armed superpower, Stephen Wertheim, World War II, Pearl Harbor, Nazis, France, new foreign policy, United States, international affairs, global supremacy, American elites, reluctant power, isolationism, global dominance, US foreign policy, British preeminence, global affairs, war, isolationism, armed supremacy, internationalism, Wertheim warns, US supremacy, global entanglements, endless wars
2021 Jun 17
How China Loses, China, increasing aggression, Belt and Road Initiative, Asia, Europe, Made in China 2025, high-tech industries, economic reach, Africa, Latin America, economic clout, tech innovations, military power, authoritarian, strategic vulnerabilities, competitiveness, global backlash, Luke Patey, predatory, economic agenda, diplomacy, military expansion, global ambitions, global economy, world affairs, rising power, strategic competition, domineering, COVID-19, pandemic, political differences, Luke Patey
2021 Jun 10
2021 Jun 08
future of work, women-led, growth framework, Covid, economic recovery, women, new workspace, female labour force participation, economic growth, remote working, gig economy, leadership, public policies, equitable workplace, caretaking, professional developmen, BRICS, common framework
2021 Jun 02
book discussion, Bengal and Its Partition, undivided India, Bengal Partition, national legacy, time traveller, Bengal’s partition, British, Partition, Bhaswati Mukherjee
2021 Jun 01
India-EU, economy, society, multilateralism, COVID-19, pandemic, global economy, recession, financial crisis, US, China, multilateral organisations, multilateral cooperation, social protection, economic resilience, peace, stability
2021 May 31
ORF Roundtable, from war to peace, regional stakes, Afghanistan’s future, Afghanistan, peace process, regional framework, stakeholders
2021 May 28
2021 May 12
BRICS, global health, digital health solutions, Covid-19, pandemic, global solutions, BRICS grouping, digital transformation, best practices, multilateral platforms, knowledge sharing, technology partnerships, global health emergencies
2021 May 11
2021 May 05
West Bengal, Bengal election 2021, political dynamics, India, political culture, federal structure, national political scenario, Bengal 2021: An Election Diary, Deep Halder, Niranjan Sahoo, Parno Mittra, Koral Dasgupta, Ambar Kumar Ghosh, Nilanjan Ghosh, ORF, ORF Kolkata, Observer Research Foundation, ORF events, ORF webinar
2021 Apr 30
dynamics of the Indo-Pacific, Indo-Pacific, geopolitical, geoeconomic environment, competition, rivalry, cooperation, pandemic, rules-based order, trade, supply chains, multilateral institutions, operational architecture
2021 Apr 29