ORF roundtables encourage voices from all quarters, geographies and gender to furnish engaged discussion between policymakers and audiences across the globe. Details and brief reports outlining resultant debates and policy recommendations can be found here.

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Past Events

Indian military modernisation, military platform modernisation, Indian Army, Indian Navy, Indian Air Force, weapons systems, Indian armed forces
2021 Nov 29
blue economy cooperation, blue economy, Indo-Pacific, oceans governance, connected global ecosystem, maritime security, common goods, preservation, biodiversity, Indo-Pacific littorals
2021 Nov 25
2021 Nov 25
2021 Nov 14
Indo-Pacific, India, Bay of Bengal, Andaman Sea, Narendra Modi, Shangri-La Dialogue, ASEAN, Indo-Pacific Oceans’ Initiative, IPOI, Maritime Security, Maritime Ecology, Maritime Resources, Capacity Building, Resource Sharing, Disaster Risk Reduction, Academic Cooperation, Trade Connectivity, Maritime Transport, Japan, Southeast Asia, sea lanes of communications, Quadrilateral Security Dialogue, QUAD, AUKUS, Asia Pacific, greater connectivity, freedom of navigation, maritime piracy, pandemic, COVID-19, Blue Dot Network
2021 Nov 09-10
new green ambition, climate agreement, ORF, Observer Research Foundation, ORF events, ORF webinar
2021 Nov 08
Road to Glasgow, green transition, low-carbon future, emerging world, global capital, green investments, IPCC, energy sector, India, international finance, climate finance, City of London, financial hub, global green finance, sovereign funds
2021 Oct 28
Arabian Sea Dialogues, GCC-India, Gulf Cooperation Council, GCC, FTA, Free Trade Agreement, investment, post-COVID-19, economic recovery, economic challenges, global shocks, digitalisation, renewable energy, trade, supply chains
2021 Oct 27
climate ambition, climate action, India , Europe, COP26, European Union, Paris Agreement, shared vision
2021 Oct 27
2021 Oct 26
2021 Oct 21
food security Afghanistan, Afghanistan, poverty line, food insecurity, conflict, livelihood opportunities, food insecure, COVID-19, pandemic, food systems, supply chains, food waste, impoverished, undernourished, lockdowns, economic slowdowns, nutrition programmes, conflict situations, malnutrition, zero hunger
2021 Oct 16