Date From : Apr 26, 2018To : Apr 27, 2018

The world geopolitical order is being constantly and rapidly impacted by a host of emerging technological, economic and ideological forces that are complex and global in scope. An understanding of the present not only requires knowledge of the past, but the ability to see the ‘big picture’.

In a world of increasing information and communication overload, we often tend to miss the wood for the trees. The ever-greater demands of narrow professional expertise constrict our knowledge, and leave us little time to view, let alone dwell upon, the broader canvas of developments that pertain to humanity at large. The contemporary world order and global geopolitics is one such tapestry, which affects us all, both professionally and personally, far more than we realise.

This talk will explore the following:

  • Forces that have fashioned the geopolitics of the world we live in, and those that are moulding it.
  • Larger trends in the global landscape, including the disenchantment with globalisation.
  • The re-emergence of traditional great power rivalry.
  • India's strategic concerns, compulsions and choices, in regard to the many threats and opportunities emanating from the geopolitical churn.


Vice Admiral (Retd.) Anil Chopra, Governing Council, United Services Institution, New Delhi

Venue Address

ORF Mumbai