Date: Dec 01, 2023 Time: 10:00 AM
Urban Frontiers: Pathways to Resilient, Inclusive and Equitable Cities

With sixty percent of India’s population expected to turn ‘urban’ by 2050, cities, the engines of economic growth, will have to lead national strategies to overcome the challenges of climate change and social inequity. Over the next two decades, how India urbanises will determine how we cope and survive the climate crisis.

Urban Frontiers will bring together experts in urban policy and practices from multiple domains to examine the progress made in climate mitigation and adaptation, and inclusion, what gaps remain, and how they can be addressed. It will deliberate on innovative approaches, solutions and technologies that will play a critical role in ensuring that the future of India’s cities is people-centred, inclusive, safe, resilient and environmentally friendly. Urban Frontiers will discuss the critical aspects of resilience to growing climate threats and how cities must translate policies into action towards creative, inclusive and safe urban spaces.

The seminar will have the following two expert roundtable discussions on themes intrinsic to how India deals with its expanding urban landscapes.

  1. Sustainable Cities: Navigating the Climate Challenge
  2. Empowered Urbanism: Inclusive, Equitable and Accessible Cities for All