Date: Jun 18, 2016

The Himalayan Republic of Nepal has faced multiple issues and problems on the domestic, political and social front after the promulgation of the new Constitution, which was in the making for years. The Madhesi-led ethno-political issue on power-sharing at the provincial level, coupled with the continuing complexities of coalition politics at the national level, has challenged Nepal’s political stability. In the wake of the Madhesi issue, Nepal's relation with India strained as domestic haste to rush through Constitution-making found punching back in India.

This discussion will explore the near sudden end of cooperation and goodwill extended by the India in addressing the immediate and medium-term consequences of the unprecedented earthquake that rocked Nepal. The discussion will also track the 'China facto' that provides grist to the politico-diplomatic mill in Nepal-India relations.

Col. R. Hariharn will lead the discussion. Col. Hariharan is a retired officer of Military Intelligence (MI), Indian Army. He writes extensively on the politico-security issues in and concerning India's neighbourhood.

Venue Address

Conference Hall, ORF Chennai