Date From : Jan 17, 2020To : Jan 18, 2020

Event description: Nearly three-quarters of a century after it was cemented, the transatlantic bond now appears weaker than ever. Recalibration of their strategic priorities by the western world in light of current geopolitical trends and the ominous rise of a global leadership that is focussed on national rather than mutual interests, Europe finds itself at the precipice of a Transatlantic to Indo-Pacific transition. With the post Second World War alliances getting rusty, states are now struggling to find a common course of action vis-á-vis an array of issues. China’s rising influence, Russia’s arm flexing, on-the-edge US-Iran relations, the continuing Middle East dilemma, the volatility in Afghanistan and the unending migration and refugee crisis etc., not to mention the stark differences in climate action. Ali Aslan’s talk will enumerate the ‘State of Europe in 2020’, at a time when the Transatlantic consensus is crumbling and the waters Indo-Pacific are yet to be truly tested.

Venue Address

ORF Mumbai