Date: Apr 26, 2018


At a time of “thickening” of borders across the West, is there an “opening” of borderlands and territories in the East? In replicating the land and maritime connections of the ancient Silk Road, is the Belt Road Initiative bound to reshape our understanding of territory, space, and mobility?

In this lecture, Professor Kaneti will discuss the ways in which the symbolic use of images of the Silk Road serve a dual purpose: to generate a vision for global interconnectivity and affirm the legitimacy of the Belt Road Initiative (BRI). Using an interpretative analysis of maps, public slogans, and museum exhibits, the discussions will show how visual representations of the (new) Silk Road redefine understandings of modernity and prosperity, centre and periphery, inclusion and exclusion.


Britta Petersen, Senior Fellow, ORF

Ritika Passi, Associate Fellow, ORF

Marina Kaneti, Assistant Professor in Global Studies and Social Impact, Grand Valley State University in Michigan, US

The timing of this event is from 3:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Venue Address

ORF Conference Hall, New Delhi