Date: Dec 17, 2021
The Taliban Dilemma: Terror, Proxies, and External Recognition  
Even as the Taliban enters its fourth month of governance, the international community has not recognised the Islamic Emirate. The Taliban have also not shown any sign of severing links with global and regional terror outfits, such as Al-Qaeda, IMU, TTP, ETIM etc. These links remain proactive and cooperative, especially considering their sensitivity to the Taliban’s internal cohesion. The Taliban also faces severe challenges and attacks from the blooming ISKP threat. Against this backdrop, the ORF webinar explores the following questions: What is the prevalent landscape of terrorism in Afghanistan? Can the Taliban be compelled to sever links with the terror outfits? Will the humanitarian crisis bring a change in the Taliban? Can the Taliban maintain a balance between its internal cohesion and international recognition? Will the coercive diplomacy backfire and force the Taliban to further embrace the extremist and criminal networks for financial, ideological and political gains? How will the Taliban and other regional and major powers deal with the emerging challenges from the terror outfits? What are the prospects for any kind of resistance, armed or otherwise, to the Taliban regime if they are unable to govern?