Date: Jan 31, 2022
Taliban: Bracing for the Fallout in South Asia  
Even as the Taliban nears its fifth month of governance, no country including its neighbours in South Asia has recognised the regime. The Islamic Emirates’ limitations to govern and its affiliations with criminals, traffickers, and global and regional terror outfits have continued to apprehend the region. This webinar will explore the following:
  • How will the Taliban regime impact South Asia’s politics, security, economy, and society?
  • How has the Taliban’s governance impacted South Asia to date?
  • Will the Taliban’s military victory exacerbate the extremist and fundamentalist challenges faced by South Asian states?
  • What are the prevalent and potential links between the Taliban and other regional terror and militant outfits?
  • How will the humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan impact the rest of the region?
  • How can South Asian states cooperate against these new challenges emanating from Afghanistan?