Date From : Jul 17, 2021To : Jul 24, 2021

17 and 24 July 2021

Ambient (outdoor) air pollution poses grave, multi-faceted risks to India’s development future. Poor air quality inflicts a massive economic and environmental toll on India with grave ramifications on public health, human capital, and welfare. Air pollution currently costs the Indian economy more than $150 billion a year. It is the second largest risk factor — after malnutrition — contributing to India’s disease burden.

The Covid-19 pandemic has re-emphasised the need to proactively invest in public health and resilient development. Mitigating multi-sectoral risks contributing to ambient air pollution in cities should therefore, be pursued with an even greater urgency.

Given the rapidly worsening air quality in India and the increased need for devising innovative, practical solutions to mitigate the crisis, Observer Research Foundation, in association with UNLEASH India and Takshashila Institution as a knowledge partner, is organising a policy hackathon, to actively engage the youth through an interactive, participatory, and dynamic platform to develop implementable policy solutions that can be used to respond to the threat of air pollution at a more scalable level.

If you are a dynamic and motivated youth between the age of 20-35 years, committed to fleshing out development policy actions that can trigger real change, apply!