Date From : Sep 19, 2018To : Sep 20, 2018

Per recent findings, a large quantity of plastic debris enters the ocean from land. By linking worldwide data on solid waste, population density and economic status, it is estimated that 275 million metric ton (MT) of plastic waste was produced by 192 coastal countries in 2010 — with 4.8 to 12.7 million MT of debris entering the ocean.

Population size and quality of waste management systems largely determine which country contributes the largest mass of uncaptured plastic waste. In the absence of adequate waste management infrastructure and other key aspects in containing marine debris — the amount of plastic waste that will enter the ocean from land is predicted to double by 2025 for a cumulative input of up to 155 million MT.

This event will explore potential solutions to plastic debris in the oceans. By examining in-field experiences, the event will look at integrating technology and citizen science, science and communication, and other interdisciplinary measures.


Jenna Jambeck is a National Geographic explorer, an associate professor in the College of Engineering, and director of the Center for Circular Materials Management in the New Materials Institute at the University of Georgia. She has been conducting research on solid waste issues for over 20 years with related projects on marine debris since 2001. Follow her work on Twitter @JambeckResearch, @DebrisTracker.

This event is in collaboration with the US Consulate Mumbai. The event starts at 4:00 p.m.

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ORF Mumbai