Date: Dec 09, 2020
India And Central Europe: Together Towards a Sustainable Recovery ORF-CEIF Dialogue

This discussion will start at 3:00 p.m. IST.

India and the European Union share a commitment to a sustainable global economy; since 2016, India and the EU have been part of a Clean Energy and Climate Partnership. A missing link in this partnership is between Central Europe and India, which both seek to scale up their attractiveness as investment destinations for investment into green technology, sustainable infrastructure, and other climate change-related projects. This high-level discussion seeks to explore the approaches of India and CE countries to building a sustainable economy that will also ensure a green post-pandemic recovery.

How will CE countries benefit from the new EU taxonomy for green investment? How have they worked to attract interest in their climate change-related projects? How can India learn from this experience, and what can co-operation between India and CE on climate change and sustainable recovery achieve?

Opening remarks:

Jayant Sinha, Member of Parliament, India

Anita Grmelová , Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Czechia