Date: Jul 16, 2016

The 'enigma' around China remain as much today as it was during the post-Mao period. Opening up of the Chinese economy, followed by the collapse of the Soviet Union, has helped China reposition itself in the regional and global context. Although, the inevitable question of economies, strategic security initiatives and other parameters aren't always comparable, they are frequent. This has meant that every Indian scholar visiting China has a new story to tell and new insights to gather.

This talk will be centred around the impressions gathered by Asma Masood during her visit to China in April 2016. Ms. Masood was accompanied by Indian academicians and research scholars who interacted with Chinese officials and scholars. Various aspects were discussed at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Beijing, the Communist Party School of China in Beijing, China Institute of International Studies in Beijing, among others. Her visit revolved around issues of foreign policy, Confucianism, cultural relations, North-South dimensions and strategic concerns.

Based on first hand impressions, the talk will bring out Ms. Masood’s experiences and identify areas that are important for China. Issues of ‘soft power’ such as tourism, the India-China relations, One Belt, One Road initiative will be highlighted in the course of the discussions.


Asma Masood is Research Officer at the Chennai Centre for China Studies.

Venue Address

Conference Hall, ORF Chennai