Date From : Apr 29, 2016To : Apr 30, 2016

The digital economies of BRICS countries will crucially determine their overall growth in the coming years. A significant share of the next billion internet users will come from BRICS, offering the promise of efficient e–governance as well as a vibrant digital marketplace that lifts many from poverty and allow the chance to benefit from opportunities offered by this sector. On the other hand, rapidly growing digital constituencies will require states to maintain a secure and stable cyber environment. The challenge for BRICS regulators and the private sector alike will lie in fostering greater access to the Internet while protecting the integrity of data that flows through their networks.

International regimes, both in the domain of cyber resilience as well as the regulation of the digital economy, should account for the concerns of emerging economies. The Digital BRICS Conclave will offer an avenue to share domestic experiences in keeping the internet safe, data uncompromised and access affordable. How can the various stakeholder institutions in the BRICS countries work together to address these common challenges?

The Conclave aims to bring together stakeholders from government, businesses and civil society to generate discussion on four themes related to Internet policies: Institutional Cooperation in Cyberspace, Access and Inclusion, Internet and Pluralistic Governance and the Digital Economy.

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Venue Address

Tal Mahal Hotel, Mansingh Road, New Delhi