Date: Apr 18, 2023
BP Energy Outlook 2023

The Chief Economist of British Petroleum (BP) Spencer Dale will be presenting BP&Energy Outlook 2023 on 18 April 2023 at India Habitat Centre. The presentation will be chaired by D K Saraf, former Chairperson & MD, ONGC and former Chairperson PNGRB. About 50 experts are expected to participate in the hour-long event. ORF has hosted many of BPs prestigious annual presentations in the last two decades.


3.45-4.25 pm: Registration and Refreshments 4.30-4.35 pm: Introduction by the Chair D.K. Sarraf, Former Chairperson, PNGRB & Former Chairman and MD, ONGC 4.35-4.55 pm: Presentation of the Energy Outlook 2023 by Spencer Dale, Chief Economist, BP 4.55-5.25 pm: Q&A moderated by the Chair 5.25-5.30 pm: Closing remarks by the Chair

Venue Address

India Habitat Centre, Amaltas Hall