Date: Mar 15, 2022
Book Discussion | The Great Tech Game: Shaping Geopolitics and the Destinies of Nations

About the book

Technology is shaping our destinies, our economy, society and, indeed, our world. How can we make sense of the epochal changes we are living through? And, most importantly, what might we do to adapt to these changes?

In The Great Tech Game, Anirudh Suri offers us a big picture view by weaving a masterful story of the world we are living in and how we got here. Technology is the new wealth of nations, and the ‘great tech game’ is the global contest for technological, economic and geopolitical success. This contest is transforming the distribution of power in the world, intensifying economic rivalries, forging new geopolitical alignments and changing the nature of war.

This game is not only about the US-China strategic competition. All countries, including all of us, need to think about how to remain competitive and relevant in this new era. We can’t expect to win in the future by playing a game that belongs to the past. The book offers a game plan for nations to draw upon their comparative advantages and compete in the ‘great tech game’ through tailored strategies. It outlines the important choices we need to make regarding the design, use and governance of technology, and emphasises that such choices must reflect the values that truly matter to us.