Date: Jun 13, 2016

Authored by Maharaja Krishna Rasgotra, A Life in Diplomacy is an account of a personal and professional journey, looking at the leaders, events and forces that formed relations between India and the world for over fifty years.

Former Foreign Secretary Maharaja Krishna Rasgotra joined the Ministry of External Affairs when Jawaharlal Nehru, Girija Shankar Bajpai and Sardar Patel were outlining the foreign policy objectives and strategies of a newly independent India. This took place as the Cold War slid into the subcontinent and complex relationships with India's neighbours were taking form. Looking back on those crucial years with an eye on the interplay of personalities — Nehru, Krishna Menon, and S. Radhakrishnan — Rasgotra assesses their influence on events and their impact on the evolution of Indian diplomacy.

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Venue Address

Conference Hall, ORF New Delhi