Date: Nov 23, 2023
Aspirations and Apprehensions: AI Governance in India

The Artificial Intelligence (AI) Spring has brought AI regulation to the forefront of global tech governance. This push for AI governance is the basis for convening intergovernmental initiatives like the United Nations’ High-Level Advisory Body on Artificial Intelligence in the run-up to the Summit of the Future 2024. India is the current chair of the Global Partnership on AI (GPAI), and will host the annual GPAI Summit in December 2023. As President of the G20 too, India has been able to forge consensus within the Group on the need to “pursue a pro-innovation regulatory/governance approach that maximises the benefits and takes into account the risks associated with the use of AI.” India is yet to craft a consolidated national AI governance mechanism. While the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) recently called for guardrails for AI in the telecom sector, and Microsoft released a Blueprint for AI Governance in India, no overarching policy exists or is in the works yet.

This roundtable discussion will explore the issue of AI regulation from national and global vantage points, by bringing together thought leaders, and tech experts and practitioners to consider three interrelated subthemes around AI governance.