Date: Oct 27, 2021
Arabian Sea Dialogues

This edition of the Arabian Sea Dialogues hosted by ORF and Arab Planning Institute seeks to explore ways to revive the GCC-India FTA (Free Trade Agreement) that will mutually benefit both parties. The FTA would increase the flow of goods, which would, in turn, encourage investment. Reopening talks of the FTA, would pave the way for post-COVID-19 economic recovery for India and the GCC countries. 

Post-COVID Economic Challenges and Opportunities

  • What are the existing economic challenges for post-pandemic recovery, and how to nurture the emerging green shoots of the economy?
  • What is the role of the government, institutions and private sector in post-pandemic recovery?
  • How can Indian and GCC businesses, professionals, entrepreneurs and workforce in each other’s countries be made resilient to future global shocks?

Examining India-GCC FTA and Other Trade and Investment Opportunities

  • How to resolve the challenges facing the India-GCC FTA?
  • What is the role of digitalisation, renewable energy, technologies, and commodities in trade negotiations and in achieving regional green transition?
  • How can the trade be made resilient to minimise disruptions in regional supply chains from future global shocks?