Date From : Oct 09, 2021To : Oct 08, 2021
Afghanistan and the Regional (Dis)order

Nearly two months after the Taliban’s takeover of Afghanistan, the situation in the country and the region remains in flux. The spectre of terrorism continues to loom large with the presence of various terror outfits and rising attacks from ISKP and TTP. At the political level, expectations of the Taliban bringing in an inclusive government, and changing their antediluvian attitude towards women and minorities have been belied.

The US abandonment of Afghanistan has put the onus on regional countries — Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Iran, Russia, India and Pakistan — to contend with the fallout of whatever goes down in Afghanistan. However, none of these Central or South Asian countries have come up with a cogent and coherent Taliban/Afghanistan policy, yet.

This webinar seeks to explore how Afghanistan’s neighbours are reacting to the Taliban’s ‘interim’ government and governance. How will these countries respond to mitigate the uncertainties and challenges that the Taliban has failed to address? Will these neighbours cooperate amongst each other? Is that even possible given that some of them have competing and contending interests? Will the neighbours cooperate with the Taliban to deal with significant security and non-traditional challenges?