Date: Mar 30, 2016

Book discussion: The Making of Indian Diplomacy: A Critique of Eurocentrism

The Making of Indian Diplomacy: A critique of Eurocentrism, authored by Deep K. Datta-Ray is the only monograph based on fieldwork within a foreign ministry. The book supplements that research with interviews with the Prime Minister, Foreign Minister and dozens of serving officials of the Government of India. Based on this and archival work, Datta-Ray theorises, unlike any other work, the rational for Indian diplomacy. It is uniquely Indian and quite distinct from Islamic and Christian approaches, argues Datta-Ray. The work therefore is not a traditional take on 'foreign policy', but also demonstrates a new research method that permits resolving some of the greatest conundrums that continue to perplex students of the Indian nation-state.

Deep K. Datta-Ray, teaches at the Jindal University in New Delhi. He was schooled in Calcutta, Honolulu, Singapore and the UK. Upon completing a BA in Chinese History from SOAS, London, Datta-Ray read for an MA at King's College, London. He received his D.Phil in International Relations from the University of Sussex.

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Conference Hall, ORF New Delhi