Date: Apr 13, 2023
A Global Digital Health Framework for Connected Healthcare


With a mission to facilitate a synergistic and collaborative One Health digital agenda for policy, strategy, governance, financing, and solutions to achieve Universal Health Coverage and equity, there is a felt need to setup a Global Digital Health framework. It would function as an open network of technical experts, practitioners, and digital health policy actors from various G20 countries including - the governments, the technology developers, the implementers, the academia, the innovators, and the donors.

The thought leadership event A Global Digital Health Framework for Connected Healthcare will bring together leaders across G20 nations to deliberate on the subject. The event will discuss the need for such a framework and the role existing regional/ global collaborations can play for accelerating healthcare through Digital.

As part of the Initiative the stakeholders may contextualize, align, and facilitate appropriate and transformative digital solutions to the global digital health vision, with a focus on:

• Identification of existing appropriate Technologies that can be scaled-up across regions/countries to achieve improved health outcomes. • Identify health/ public health priorities across countries/ regions that can be addressed by digital interventions (Moving towards Commons). • Defining potential funding mechanisms, role of global institutional frameworks and establishing Cross-border Public Private partnerships for driving digital health. • Developing a framework for health data governance


The event is designed as a curtain-raiser for deliberations before the second Health Working Group (HWG) meeting during India’s G20 Presidency. Attendees will include representatives of Governments, non-profits, and civil society.

The event will be of 3.5 hour duration on 13th April, 2023 before the second HWG. It will have two keynote addresses by global and Indian thought leaders, which will lay ground for moderator-driven two panel discussions, of 1 hour 15 minutes each, that will explore various dimensions of the theme (including a short Q&A session), finally leading to ‘Call to Action’ statement.

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Venue Address

ITC Maurya, New Delhi