Stefania Petruzzelli

Stefania Petruzzelli, PhD., after an extensive period of academic research in Italian and Comparative Literature with a focus on anthropological, historical, and social issues, has directed her studies toward understanding the epistemological changes of our times, especially in the field of digital innovations, sociology, and sustainability. Her academic path began with a Master%E2%80%99s degree in Modern Philology and unfolded into her work with the Stanford Literary Lab in Digital Humanities, showcasing her interdisciplinary approach. Her professional journey has spanned academia, private sector consultancy, and governmental advisory roles. Luxury brands, thought leaders, and financial institutions sought her expertise in leveraging digital transformations like NFTs to enhance soft power and strategize within the Metaverse for political influence. She has provided insights into framing value propositions that intertwine the future of work with sustainable practices. In conjunction with her diverse research endeavors, Stefania Petruzzelli works as a Researcher and Content Specialist for the Future Food Institute to foster exponential and positive shifts in the global food system. She is also recognized for her active participation in international forums. Her publications demonstrate her comprehensive exploration of technology, culture, and sustainable development. Her expertise bridges the gap between theoretical research and practical application, offering a singular perspective on contemporary issues.

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