Patrick O. Okigbo
Patrick O. Okigbo III is the Founder and Principal Partner at Nextier - a leading public policy advisory firm and think tank with a focus on governance and public-sector reforms. Patrick is a nationally-recognised leader and public intellectual. He has over 23 years experience providing policy strategic and financial advisory services across a range of industries in West Africa and the United States: in high impact organisations: Accenture (Lagos) Citigroup (New York and Washington DC) Transcorp Plc. (Lagos) The Presidency (Abuja) and Nextier (Abuja). He provides advise to senior national and international officials and organisations. He has extensive professional and social network and knowledge of current political economic social and regulatory issues in Nigeria. Patrick has a Executive Masters in Public Administration from the London School of Economics and Political Science a Masters in Business Administration from Emory University in Atlanta and a Bachelors in Agriculture from University of Nigeria.