Date: Feb 06, 2019


India stands at a tipping point today, with a population of 1.25 billion, nearly half of which consists of its youth. It is on its way to overtake China as the most populous nation in the world. At the upcoming general election in 2019, India's youth is poised to play a decisive role in the outcome. Moreover, how India educates, skills and employs its youth will have a significant impact on its economic, political, social and cultural fabric.

In India, the youth is aspirational, entrepreneurial and increasingly well-connected. As digital natives, most of them already have numerous opinions and ideas, which are most divergent from conventional thinking. It is essential for all our political parties to be cognisant of these perspectives. The run-up to the Lok Sabha elections of 2019 presents an opportunity for India’s political class to engage with the youth.

About the Seminar

The day-long ‘Youth Manifesto: Aspirations, Challenges & Solutions’ seminar will discuss several crucial issues that dominate the discourse for a young India. As the world expectantly looks at India’s future roadmap, India must look inwards and take stock of its most promising citizens of the future.

This seminar will consist of four panel discussions covering these prominent issues:

  • Future of Jobs: What can India do to tackle its Youth Unemployment problem?
  • Higher Education: Is Governance The Key?
  • Right to Choose: A Fundamental Right?
  • Envisioning a Corruption-Free India

Each panel will consist of young voices deliberating an issue and interspersed between these panel discussions there will be short ‘Spotlight Speeches’ by political representatives across parties as well as youth icons from different fields.

Participant age (upper) limit: 30 years.

Venue Address

KC College Auditorium, Vidyasagar Principal K.M. Kundnani Chowk, 124, Dinshaw Wachha Road, Churchgate, Mumbai - 400 020