Date From : Dec 07, 2022To : Dec 08, 2022
Women in Cities – Safety, Urban Governance, and Entrepreneurship A Roundtable Discussion with German Women Parliamentarians and Politicians.

Over the years, women’s leadership from the cities has progressively made inroads into the multilateral, representing their emerging role in global governance. With the G7 and G20 countries declaring their shared commitments to strengthen the resilience of our democracies, local and urban narratives now have a chance to enact their roles as crucial actors in addressing solutions for inclusive and sustainable societies.

One way of igniting this dialogue would be to focus on the impending narratives of the expanding cities that need immediate action in harnessing women’s leadership. What sectors still struggle with the gender gap and need to address the interlinkages between “women and the city needs” for equitable access to urban safety and mobility, education, skilling, entrepreneurship and digitalisation? Investing in women's safety and economic viability in public spaces, creating C-suite opportunities in the tech force, increased access to digital tools and education play out as game- changers in urban development. How can women's leadership then be leveraged to deliver as effective crisis responders across the political and governance spheres?

The roundtable will bring together a diverse set of women from Mumbai to discuss with the visiting German women how the aspects of safety, governance, entrepreneurship and digitalisation of and in cities need to be addressed to foster, facilitate and enhance women’s leadership and create inclusive and sustainable communities.

We will have the opportunity to lend our ears to stories from both countries that inspire and educate.