Date: Jun 28, 2024 Time: 10:00 AM
Urban Mobility Conclave: Redefining Sustainable Urban Mobility

‘Redefining Sustainable Urban Mobility: New Approaches for Integrated Multimodal Transport System’ aims to generate insights from diverse urban policy and practice experts. This conclave endeavours to discuss and address the following critical questions under three aspects imperative to integrated and sustainable multimodal transport systems: 

  • Session I: Ensuring Coordinated Transport: Innovations in Institutional Integration for Multimodal Transport Systems
  • Session II: Enhancing Connectivity: Challenges and Strategies for Physical and Operational Integration of Multimodal Transport Systems
  • Session III: Unlocking Seamless Mobility: Ways and Methods for Ensuring Informational and Fare Integration of Multimodal Transport Systems

The ideas distilled from the discussions will culminate in an ORF special report and papers in the ORF- Global Policy (GP) Series journal.

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