Date: Mar 27, 2023
T20 Youth Engagement | Macroeconomic Policy Coherence, Global Trade and Livelihoods

A SXC-ORF T20 Youth Engagement event is scheduled to be held on Mar 27th, at St. Xavier’s College (Autonomous), Kolkata on the topic – Macroeconomic Policy Coherence, Global Trade and Livelihoods. The event will bring together scholars, graduate and post-graduate students from the Department of Economics at the college and also interested students from other academic disciplines and Universities in the city. The event is designed to acquaint students with the workings of the G20 as well as the reach, impact, and significance of the T20 platform as an ‘Ideas Bank’ of the G20. In addition to macroeconomic concerns, the discussion will also highlight Geopolitics, Geoeconomics and Sustainomics of India's Growth Story and thus encourage the opportunity for a cross-disciplinary conversation on key geoeconomics, geopolitical and developmental aspects of India’s domestic and foreign policy outreach.

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02:00 – 02:05 p.m. Welcome address by Rev. Dr. Dominic Savio S. J, Principal, St. Xavier's College (Autonomous), Kolkata.
02:05 – 02:20 p.m. Presentation on T20 by Ms. Pratnashree Basu, Coordinator, Think20 Task Force 6 (Accelerating SDGs: Exploring New Pathways to the 2030 Agenda) at T20 India Secretariat and Associate Fellow, ORF.
02:20 – 02:45 p.m. Talk by Prof. N. R. Bhanumurthy, Chair, T20 Task Force 1 (Macroeconomics, Trade, and Livelihoods: Policy Coherence and International Coordination) and Vice-Chancellor of Dr. B.R. Ambedkar School of Economics University, Bengaluru (BASE University), on Macroeconomic Policy Coherence, Global Trade and Livelihoods.
02:45 – 03:10 p.m. Talk by Dr. Nilanjan Ghosh, Director, T20 Secretariat, Centre for New Economic Diplomacy & ORF Kolkata, on Geopolitics, Geoeconomics and Sustainomics of India's Growth Story.
03:10 – 03:30 p.m. Presentation by Students
03:30 – 03:55 p.m. Q and A (students will ask questions to all panellists, moderated by Ms. Pratnashree Basu)
03:55 – 04:00 p.m. Vote of thanks by Dr. Saswati Chaudhuri, Associate Professor, Department of Economics, St. Xavier's College (Autonomous), Kolkata.

Venue Address

Fr. Depelchin Auditorium, St. Xavier’s College (Autonomous), Kolkata