Date: Jan 21, 2022
Report Launch | Natural Partners: Building a Comprehensive UK-India Knowledge Partnership

New report proposes a number of reforms to bolster the competitiveness and long-term sustainability of the UK’s position in international education. The report proposes that the UK government should make a comprehensive knowledge partnership with India one of the main goals of a proposed free trade agreement between the two countries. A comprehensive knowledge partnership that forms the centrepiece of a free trade agreement with India is in line with the UK’s need to develop new strategic partnerships that embody the idea of ‘Global Britain’ and highlight the advantages of leaving the European Union. The report highlights India’s importance in the global knowledge economy as it is home to the world’s largest youthful population under the age of 25, representing over 600 million people. The report proposes five building blocks for this knowledge partnership which could not only shape the bilateral ties between India and the United Kingdom but also shape brilliant minds in the upcoming decades.