Date: Jan 30, 2024 Time: 03:30 PM
Panel Discussion: Bangladesh: A Post-election Assessment

Since being re-elected to power in 2009, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has promoted political stability, cracked down on extremists, and ushered in an era of economic growth and development in Bangladesh. Her fourth consecutive win in January 2024 is also largely expected to lead the country on a similar trajectory of stability and growth. However, the next five years are not free of challenges. The opposition- Bangladesh National Party (BNP) is provoking the masses to join street protests, the West has continued to criticize Bangladesh's democracy despite accepting the election results, and conflicts across the world have begun to impact the economy. Most importantly, Bangladesh will have to continue to balance between India, China, and other major powers as the Bay of Bengal region grows in prominence.

What are the anticipations and expectations from Sheikh Hasina's new term? What issues are plaguing Bangladesh's economy, and how will the new government respond? What does the future hold for the country's politics? Will Bangladesh be able to balance between an assertive China, a growing India, and other powers, even as the West continues to push the country towards Beijing? Is it justifiable for the West to pressurize and selectively target an elected government in Bangladesh, even as they conveniently ignore military crackdowns in other South Asian countries?  

This is an in-person event.

Venue Address

ORF Conference Hall