Date: Apr 04, 2023
ORF-NUJS T20 Youth Engagement | Home and the World: India and the G20

The National University of Juridical Sciences (NUJS) and ORF will host a T20 Youth Engagement event on April 4th on the theme ‘Home and the World: India and the G20’. The event will take place at NUJS, and will bring together scholars, academics and University students with the aim of acquainting young adults with the workings of the G20, and with the role and significance of the Think20 (T20) Engagement Group as the ‘Ideas Bank’ of the G20.

Beginning with an introduction to the T20 process and modus operandi, the event will explore the importance and prospects of multilateral trade in the context of a rapidly evolving global order. Can multilateral trade initiatives such as FTAs, RTAs and other innovative arrangements help position the unfolding Indian growth story as a ‘bright star’ in an era of global economic volatility?

The event will also examine the concept and uses of digital public infrastructure (DPI), the promotion of which has fast emerged as a core G20 priority. Can India leverage its success in building population-scale DPIs, and its current position of leadership at the G20, to help mainstream the discourse around DPIs into the international digital agenda? And can the uptake of DPIs, particularly in the Global South, catalyse our collect effort to achieve the SDGs?

These presentations by ORF faculty will be followed by an expert talk or presentation by an NUJS faculty member on an issue relevant to the T20. Thereafter, a maximum of five short presentations (aligned with T20 focus areas) will be made by students participating in the event, outlining their vision of how the G20 might contribute to economic growth and sustainable development.

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Time (12-hour format) Agenda Duration
14:30- 14:35 Welcome remarks by Dr Sanjit Kumar Chakraborty, Director, Centre for Law and Social Justice, NUJS 5 Mins
14:35-14:45 Introduction to the T20 by Sunaina Kumar, Executive Director, T20 Secretariat and Senior Fellow, ORF 10 Mins
14:45-15:00 Talk / presentation by Nilanjan Ghosh, Director, Centre for New Economic Diplomacy, ORF and ORF Kolkata Centre 15 Mins
15:00-15:15 Talk / presentation by Anirban Sarma, Chair, T20 Task Force on ‘Our Common Digital Future’ and Senior Fellow, ORF 15 Mins
15:15-15:30 Talk / presentation by Anirban Mazumder, Professor, Director, Centre for Law and Technology (CLT), NUJS 15 Mins
15:30-16:00 Student presentations 30 Mins
16:00-16:20 Q&A 20 Mins
16:20-16:25 Closing remarks by Anirban Mazumder, Professor, Director, Centre for Law and Technology (CLT), NUJS 5 Mins
16:30 High tea

Venue Address

The National University of Juridical Sciences (NUJS) campus, Room No. 328, Salt Lake, Kolkata