Date: Mar 23, 2016

Cyberspace is now referred to as the fifth dimension of warfare. The unique characteristics, namely of anonymity and difficulty of attribution give cyberspace enormous potential for damage and mischief. A well coordinated cyber war can instantly cripple a nation without firing even a single shot.

India cannot afford to ignore cyber threats as information systems are an essential part of day to day functioning of government: more so with the Digital India programme which intends to empower its citizen digitally. The success of the Digital India project would depend upon maximum connectivity with minimum cyber security risks.

This roundtable will discuss national perspective on cyber security, including India’s readiness to evaluate, defend and respond to threats from state and non-state actors and a possible architecture for India's Cyber Command.


Lieutenant General Nitin Kohli, PVSM, AVSM, VSM, Signal Officer-in-Chief and Senior Colonel Commandant Corps of Signals

This is a closed door event.