Date From : Jul 27, 2022To : Jul 26, 2022
India-US Relations: Priorities in the Next decade

The discussion will start at 7:00 PM IST

The India-United States partnership is expected to be the defining partnership for this century and will be especially important in combining capacities towards maintaining peace and security in the international order. With India being the US’ major defence partner, cooperation between the two extends across areas like trade, defence, multilateralism, intelligence, cyberspace, education and healthcare. They are also expanding their relations from bilateralism to multilateralism, with the two being a part of the Quad, along with Australia and Japan, beside the new West Asian Quad including India Israel, US and the UAE. Post the US withdrawal from Afghanistan there could be opportunities for India-US counterterrorism cooperation to expand further. Another important arena for the two countries remains the Indo-Pacific and their quest to keep the area ‘free and open’ as well as collaborating to establish higher-quality and more reliable alternatives to infrastructure funding in the region. The two countries must also enhance their two-way foreign direct investments as they look to strengthen the Global Value Chains.

In the context of the aforementioned, this discussion seeks to bring together the five experts to discuss the recently launched ORF report: “India-U.S. Relations: Priorities in the Next Decade”.