Date: Feb 29, 2024 Time: 05:00 PM
India – South America Ties | Lucrative Pathways, Limitless Possibilities: A Discussion with Jorge-Tuto Quiroga, former President of the Republic of Bolivia

The relationship between India and Bolivia holds enormous promise. Bolivia's wealth of mineral reserves includes the world's largest lithium deposits, second-largest antimony reserves and substantial amounts of iron ore, tin, lead, silver, and more.  At a time of great concern around the resilience of global technology supply chains, Bolivia’s vast rare earth deposits make it a pivotal partner for India in securing and de-risking these. Moreover, Bolivia's abundant natural gas reserves make it an ideal strategic partner for India's mounting energy needs. Trade between the two countries reached US$2,190.5 million in FY 2021-22, marking a 74 percent increase. From April to September of FY 2022-23, the two-way trade grew 89.75 percent to US$1,714.38 million.

Though the bilateral exchanges, trade and investment are modest, the relationship between New Delhi and La Paz holds immense potential through mutually beneficial cooperation. India's initiatives, such as medical aid and capacity-building programmes in Bolivia, are reinforced by mutual project agreements. This dialogue seeks to explore how India can enhance and deepen its relations with Bolivia, capitalising on the country's abundant natural resources and strategic location in South America.

This is a invite-only event.

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ORF Office, BKC