Date: Oct 27, 2021
India-EU Track 1.5: Climate Ambition and Action  
The India-EU Track 1.5 on Climate Action is designed to make progress towards a shared India-EU vision on climate action; develop greater understanding in India of Europe’s positions and policies and the participation of Member States; and provide clarity on India’s positions and principles for COP26. To this end, this panel brings together experts from India and Europe to discuss the following key questions:
  1. What are the Indian and European expectations from COP26?
  2. How have India, the European Union and its Member States demonstrated climate ambition in the run-up to the summit?
  3. What progress has been made since the Paris Agreement on greening growth in India and in Europe? Can this progress lead to converging views on climate action and ambition going forward?
  4. How can a closer regulatory partnership help the Government of India, Indian State governments, the EU and its Member States co-operate on sustainable growth? What areas of cooperation between India and the EU and its Member States are most promising?
  5. Is there a prospect for a shared vision between India and the European Union? And what would possible elements of such a shared vision be?